Song of the Week


M83 – Intro feat. Zola Jesus

We didn’t need a story, we didn’t need a real world
We just had to keep walking
And we became the stories, we became the places
We were the lights, the deserts, the faraway worlds
We were you before you even existed

I’ve always loved this song’s message and overall feeling. It is like a wave of warmth and hope every time I hear it; echoing that we are worth something…existing in the tangible and intangible…who we are now calling back to our past selves to ‘carry on’.

Somewhere else…

I’m one of those people who can lose themselves anywhere. The world is a much more illuminated place when it is curated around you. To best explain the reason why I started this blog was to let people into a world within worlds. We all have them inside of us – multiple lives, truths and experiences. I’m hoping, in earnest, that in sharing mine that you will share yours too. Worlds are meant to be lived in, but not always singularly. I do feel that this experience, however brief, will speak a kind of truth to you as I explore the places I go when I would rather be somewhere else…